Gunn Foundation has been granting need-based college scholarships to graduating Gunn seniors since 1968. These scholarships can be applied toward housing deposits, enrollment fees, textbooks, transportation, and school-related expenses.  Particularly among families in our community whose incomes have been hit hard by the pandemic, Gunn Foundation scholarships can enable students to continue their education. In April 2023, we awarded 25 scholarships of $5000 to seniors who might not have pursued further education but for donations from families like yours.
Gunn Foundation scholarships help students pursue the college opportunities they have worked so hard to earn. In addition to financial support, Gunn Foundation scholarships are a testament to students of support from the Gunn community – their school community – and that is the most meaningful gift of all.
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Gunn Foundation, P.O. Box 60632, Palo Alto, CA 94306
You may also donate directly on the Gunn Foundation Facebook page or PayPal Giving Fund page with no processing fees.
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