Business Lending Prequalification

Business Information

Property type? *
Is your lease/mortgage current? *
Do you have any outstanding loans other than your mortgage? *
Seasonal business? *
Do you own a home? *

*Please note that your social security number or federal tax ID number is required to complete this application. We will call you to verify all information and securely take that by phone. 

Owner/Officer 1 Information

Owner/Officer 2 Information (Only Complete if Applicable)

Our Packaging Fee will be less than or equal to six percent (6%) of the amount funded on all business loans, or up to three percent (3%) for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Loans. If the Client’s loan is approved, you agree to allow Jeison German Group /JG Venture Capital/JG Realty Funds to directly ACH your account from the loan proceeds totaling the % applicable of the funding amount disbursed. *
Please acknowledge you have read and agree to the following: Financing may be offered through Stearns Bank, N.A. RCN, ARF Financial or other third-party lenders. Neither JG Venture Capital, JG Realty Funds, JeisonGermanGroup nor any lender makes any commitment to lend, representation or guaranty of any person’s eligibility for financing. Requested financing is subject to approval by the lender, and if applicable as to government-backed financing, the U.S. Government. JG Venture Capital, JG Realty Funds, JeisonGermanGroup makes no commitment or guaranty as to the amount of referral fees or other income payable under the JG Venture Capital, JG Realty Funds, JeisonGermanGroup Referral Partner program. All programs and offers, implied or stated, are subject to change without notice. Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender. *
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