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Forms of conducting and reporting on OII
1. The main form of implementation of the URI is individual work.
student on the formulated task of the leader.
2.Group form is advisable to use in the first stage of the
URI to train students in research methods and skills, and
also in cases where the work requires unique equipment.
3. It is advisable to formulate the assignment for URI in such a way that it has
promising character. The scope and nature of the assignment should take into account
student performance and inclinations.
4. The task should reflect all the work needed to solve
assigned task.
5. A positive result is given by the attachment of students when performing
Weir to a certain scientific engineering group. In this case is achieved
the possibility of developing a student’s work on the same subject on subsequent
courses during the practice and graduation design, provided high
quality of the final stages of training.
6. The results of educational and research work are made in the form
reports and are defended in front of a panel of leading faculty members
of the department. The report should be worded, summarized
theoretical or calculated part, the scheme of the experiment, the results obtained and
their discussion, as well as graphic material made in accordance with
ESKD rules and GOST. At the end is a list of used
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