Essay Writing Service

Essay Writing Service

How to write an essay? After all, it is the essay that shows how a graduate can present himself, analyze information, and communicate with other people in writing. In addition, the essay allows you not only to find out information about the author, judge him by grammatical structures, but also pay attention to what ideas were presented. Starting from January 22, essay writing workshops, auxiliary trainings for the 9th grade final exams, will be held every week at the educational center “Dərs Evi”.

Students of 8th and 10th grades can also take part in the trainings. During the three days of the master class the teacher: explains to students the goals and rules for writing an essay;

informs about the official requirements and instructions of the SCE;

describes the strategies for writing a successful essay;

provides a list of potential topics on the exam itself;

using examples, examines the correctness of writing various blocks of an essay;

practicing writing an essay right in the classroom;

understand all possible questions that have arisen during the master class; sets homework for writing an essay on a given topic (including the final third day of the course to consolidate the passed).

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