USC APAA Young Alumni Council
Young Alumni Council
Thank you for your interest in joining the USC Asian Pacific Alumni Assocaition Young Alumni Council.
Please take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire.
All information will not be made public and will only be reviwed by members of the APAA staff, young alumni council and board of directors.
Have you been a part of any service organization at USC either as a student or alumni? *
Have you been a part of any community service organization at outside of USC? *
How did you find out about the APAA Young Alumni Council? *
What areas are you most interested in participating in with the YAC? (you may choose more than one) *
The APAA YAC generally meets in the evening on the third Wednesday of each month. Are you generally available to attend meetings on these days? *
YAC members commit to serve on the council for at least the fiscal year in which they joined. The fiscal year begins in July and runs through the following June. Are you able and willing to commit to this term of service? *
Do you live and/or work in the Greater Los Angeles area? *