Transylvania University Career Development Center
Application for a Non-Credit Internship
This application is only for Non-Credit internships. If you desire academic credit for an internship experience, please close this tab and return to Career Development's website and utilize the Application for an Academic Internship form.

Internship Rules and Policies

Career Development provides students with networking assistance and internship postings. In order to seek assistance with your internship search, you must agree and adhere to the following rules and procedures:

1. You must create a professional résumé and have it reviewed by Career Development. If you do not yet have a résumé, please click here to download our guide, and then come back to this form when you have a complete and reviewed document.
2. While Career Development may provide lists of possible internship sites or connections to possible employers in the community, it is ultimately up to you, the student, to apply to and get an internship.
3. Career Development is unable to make any promises regarding pay for internships. While we encourage all employers, especially for-profit companies, to follow minimum wage laws, we cannot dictate terms to employers.
4. All students who utilize Career Development for assistance for finding an internship agree to abide by the following Student Conduct Policy when at their internship site:

Student Intern Conduct Policy

  • Be punctual. Keep your agreed-upon schedule.
  • If you must be absent due to illness or emergency, notify your site supervisor immediately.
  • If you must be absent for any other reason, you will seek permission from your site supervisor ahead of time and agree to make up missed work.
  • Ask your site supervisor about the dress code during the initial visit and dress accordingly.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the workplace, its clients, and employees. You may be required to sign a nondisclosure statement at certain sites.
  • Know your site supervisor’s expectations concerning your job performance.
  • Show initiative by volunteering for additional tasks.
  • Discuss any problems or concerns with your site supervisor and internship coordinator.
  • Always act in a professional, courteous manner. Remember that you are a guest at the internship site and a representative of Transylvania University.

I understand that the responsibilities and circumstances of an off-campus internship may require a standard of professional decorum that may differ from that of Transylvania University. Therefore, I indicate my willingness to understand and conform to the professional standards of the internship site. I further understand that it is important to the success of the present internship and the continuance of future internships that interns observe standards of conduct that would not compromise Transylvania University in the eyes of individuals and organizations with which it has dealings, and I acknowledge the responsibility of Transylvania University and its Director of Career Development to set rules and interpret conduct for this purpose. I agree that should Transylvania University and its Director of Career Development decide that I must be terminated from my internship because of conduct that might bring the program into disrepute or the internship site into jeopardy, that decision will be final and may result in ineligibility for assistance in finding future internships.

I agree to the terms and policy above *