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NB. THIS FORM IS INTENDED FOR 'NOVEL"-STYLE BOOKS WITH BLACK & WHITE PRINTED PAGES ONLY WITH A COLOUR COVER. If your book is a colour photographic or illustrated work please use the forms located on the link below.
A full street address is required for order delivery - PO boxes can only be used for proof copy deliveries only. Proof copies will be delivered to Australian addresses only.

Book Details
Cover - Full colour printed on Silk Matt 300 gsm
Text - Black and White by default (colour pages optional)

Design Services

Do you need professional design and layout and/or cover design?
We will need to contact you regarding the specifics of your design needs and will quote specifically for your project. We may ask to view any files you may have to gauge the scale of work required. NB. We can not work from physical handwritten or typescript manuscripts - raw text must be supplied in digital form. Quotations for books requiring design and layout are estimates only and will be firmed once final page count is known.

Book Specification

Books over A5 (148mm x 210mm - 5.8 in x 8.2 in) will be charged as large books. The minimum standard size book is 134mm x 200mm, books below this size will incur a surcharge.
Number of pages in the book, not the number of leaves of paper. We assume double sided printing unless otherwise specified.

NB. Any amount of any colour on a page other than black or grey is considered a colour page. Unless specified above, colour content in the body of the book will be printed black and white.
Please include a list of page numbers required to be printed in colour with your file submission.
NB. 1 copy is included with quoted setup cost. Hardcover orders require an order of 5 or more copies for a proof copy to be included.)
Standard quantity quotes come with 1,5,10,25,50,75,100,200,250,300,400,500

Book Style

Book Style
Off-white book bulking papers are not available. Please contact us for specialty papers (eg. 100% recycled papers, specialty text papers) or indicate special requirements in the notes section at the bottom of this form. Standard papers are from managed forest sources and environmental credentials are available on request if not displayed on the quote)
Use metallic gold ink on front cover and spine title wording?
Gold ink will require special modification to cover artwork and cannot be used where separating text from the background is not possible.

Hardcover in addition to softcover

Additional quote for small portion of books to be hardcover bound (in addition to softcover copies.)



List my book on the DPA online bookstore?
NB. This can be revised later once you've received your quote.

Extra Information