Dear ABC Staff:

Thank you for participating in the second round of the Exploratory Bond Technology Input Session. This survey seeks your input on the associated technology needs and budget.

Bond Technology elements are divided into seven key areas: Computers, Software, Infrastructure, Professional Development, Technical Support, Standardzied Classrooms, and Physical Environments.

You may review the recent Input Session PREZI using the following link:                                               Original Input Session Presentation (Needs and Budget)

Survey - Bond Input Meeting

I. Bond Technology Areas (Feedback and Ideas)
1. What are your most salient ideas for the technology need areas below? How and why would you change the funding calculations? How would you address the need area(s) differently? Are there technology needs being overlooked? You may answer as many of the need area(s) as desired.
 Feedback / Ideas
Computers / Devices
Software / Apps / Online Services
Professional Development
Technical Support
Physical Environments

II. Prioritization of Technology Areas
Using the estimated amounts for ABCs' technology needs, prioritize these needs under two different scenarios:
2. Rank Order your priorities should we receive the full $106M. Spend 100 points.
0/100 points
3. Rank Order your priorities should we receive half ($53M) our our total need ($106M).  Spend 100 points.
0/100 points
Please provide feedback in the following areas: