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Criteria for the scholarship

The value of the scholarship shall be $4,000 total; ie $2,000 each year for Years 11 and 12.
Eligibility Criteria: *

Selection Criteria

You will be selected to proceed to auditions based on the information provided in this application. The Audition Committee will give consideration to the following criteria:
1. Live performance at an Audition at which you present 2 pieces of contrasting style 
(Max total time 10mins). Please note that works performed, other than those written for solo instrument, must be accompanied. Please contact AFCM if you need assistance with this as soon as possible. Ph 4771 4144.
2. Quality of submitted results in music related subjects and examinations.
3. Recommendations of referees.


Audition date TBC

Support Material


I, the undersigned, declare that I am a resident of Townsville City. I authorise the Townsville City Council and/or the Australian Festival of Chamber Music to make enquiries as are deemed necessary to determine the suitability of my application. *

Applications close 17 September 2021