TCWSE has opened the Call for Focus Sessions for its 2022 Annual Conference. The conference takes place January 29-30 at the Austin Convention Center.
This year's theme: Dream It. Believe It. Claim It. Be It.
In creating your proposal, please keep in mind that our underlying conference objectives are to inspire and re-energize, with a focus on personal and professional growth, rather than technical, how-to topics. Submitted proposals should address one or more of the following topics:
  • Dream It – Dream BIG: Inspiring someone to go in a positive way to pursue their dreams and cut out the things that keep them from reaching them.

  • Believe It – Believing in oneself with dedication and determination that requires vision and hard work; how to never quit.

  • Claim It – Having the assertion with optimism. The essence of optimism is that it is a source of inspiration, vitality, and hope where others have resigned; it enables us to hold our head high, to claim the future for ourselves despite obstacles.

  • Be It - Go for it NOW: Finding our purpose and living it; recognizing our gifts and sharing them to build stronger schools, communities, and beyond with strong relationships and trust.
We welcome your ideas and hope that you plan to be in attendance at the conference in January! We encourage you to share this Call for Focus Sessions with your colleagues.
Submission Requirements
  • Applications are accepted through Tuesday, November 2, 2021, through online form only.
  • Sessions are one hour in length.
  • All presenters (main and co-presenters) must register and pay the registration fee to attend the TCWSE 2022 Conference.
  • TCWSE will NOT contact co-presenters regarding session details; it is the main presenter's responsibility to relay all session guidelines and information to the co-presenters.
  • A valid, individual e-mail address must be provided for the main presenter and EACH co-presenter. E-mail addresses are used by TCWSE to contact individuals for registration purposes.
  • NOTE: Sales/vendor presentations will NOT be accepted.
Data Requirements
  • Name, title, organization, and email of main presenter (this person will serve as the primary contact for the session)
  • Name(s), title(s), organization(s), and email(s) of co-presenter(s) — You may list up to three co-presenters
  • Session Title
  • Session Description
  • Intended Audience