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Notice for all bookings:

Effective January 1 2020, all administrative fees have been increased to $39.99 per person.

1. If you are taking advantage of our Easy Pay Installment Plan, there is also a one time $39.99 per person administrative fee due for each person that will be booking with a payment plan for booking. Each payment after the initial deposit or payment, does not require the administrative fee of $39.99 per person to be included. It is the responsibility of each client to maintain accurate balance and payment history information regarding their booking and reservation status and payment dates. Swift Travel Deals is not responsible for client payment history or balance information. While we make every effort to provide up to date information, Swift Travel Deals is not liable for any errors or omissions. 

2. Please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions on our website This form is located on the Terms and Conditions tab on the Swift Travel Deals website.

3. Payments are processed in the order received. Please keep in mind all payments and deposits made to Swift Travel Deals are non-refundable and non-transferable unless travel insurance is purchased.

4. You are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to protect your investment. There are no refunds after final payment due dates. 

5. You will receive an email to notify you that your payment was received successfully.

6. All payments are processed according to the Central Standard Timezone. Your final payment for your entire reservation is due by your final payment due date by 11:59 pm Central Standard Time. If you fail to make your payment or late payment extension by the due date by 11:59 pm Central Standard Time, your reservation is considered past due and will incur a immediate cancellation and additional fee of $100.00 per person.  If you fail to set up a refund request prior to your final payment due date, your reservation will cancel due to non payment at 11:59 pm on your final payment due date. At this time, there are no late payment arrangements. No refunds will be given on reservations that cancel due to non payment and travel insurance will also be voided if the request for a refund or cancel is not received and approved in writing prior to the final payment due date along with the cancel fees. There are no exceptions. Reservations automatically cancel and cannot be retrieved. Reservations that cancel with travel insurance are only fully refundable if paid in full. All reservations with travel insurance that are not paid in full will only receive a refund of the deposit paid less the cost of travel insurance and cancel fees. There are no refunds after final payment due dates. 

07. All declined payments or returned payments are subject to a $50.00 returned item/declined fee.

Group Bookings:

If you have booked with a group and the entire reservation is not paid in full by the final payment due date, your entire reservation will cancel. Please be aware of this policy when booking your vacation with other passengers. If one passenger in your group fails to pay, the entire reservation will be cancelled and past due and cancel and late fees will be due for each passenger on the reservation when booked as a group. All passengers listed on the same reservation have to pay in full by the final payment due date to prevent a cancellation of the entire reservation. All components on group bookings have to match. For example, if travel insurance is selected, every passenger on the group booking reservation has to purchase travel insurance. There are no refunds after final payment due dates. 

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