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Billing Address

PAYMENTS: I agree to provide and assure that a current credit card is on file with GlobalCruiseAdvisor.com by Swift Travel Deals to charge monthly fees. Fees charged to the credit card shall include the Basic Program (membership) Fee of $39.99 plus tax per month, along with any associated optional fees: Assistant or Intern fee(s), Coaching or Exclusive Training fees and Commission Upgrade fee or any applicable business fees selected on this application. All fees will be charged to credit card on file at or around the first day of each month. I agree that GlobalCruiseAdvisor.com by Swift Travel Deals shall be provided an active credit card at all times. Should a credit card payment be declined for any reason, GlobalCruiseAdvisor.com by Swift Travel Deals has the right to hold back from paying commission due to me until an active card has been processed for payments due as according to my Global Cruise Advisor contract. Should I choose to terminate my contract before the end of the 12 month term, I agree that I am financially liable for all remaining monthly payments and that the remaining monthly payments will automatically be charged in full to the credit card at the time of termination. If for any reason, my card declines or payment returns, I shall be held liable for any chargeback fees, disputes or banking or legal related fees. Should I need to change the card on file, I understand that I must do so no later than 5 business days prior to the 1st of each month by submitting a new credit card authorization form. 

I understand and comply with the terms of this credit card authorization subscription agreement.

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