Housing Installment Extension Confirmation Form

University Village Apartments offers an extension for the first installment of each semester (August 1st and January 1st). Any resident receiving this extension must complete this form. We do not verify if your financial aid will cover your total housing cost. It is the responsibility of the resident and guarantor (if applicable) to confirm if their funds will cover the cost of housing.

  Please note any funding from the University will not be directly disbursed to the University Village Apartments.


Resident Information

Funding Source: You will need to provide written proof of your Financial Aid from a valid Financial Institution; i.e- Financial Aid Award Letter, Parent Plus Loan, Private loan, or Veteran Benefits. *
Funding Source Amounts
*Please enter the amounts you will receive from each funding source to cover your semester installment.
Select the "+" sign to add additional rows for each Funding Source you Select Above*
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Resident Signature *