2023 Bryke Racing Sponsor Application 2023

Upon approval, Bryke Racing will discount all orders placed on our website (www.bryke.com) or orders placed over the phone at a rate of 5% off your order excluding shipping.
  • I agree to represent my race team and Bryke Racing in a positive image.
  • I agree to display provided Bryke Racing Decals on my racecar.
  • I agree to send pictures of car and grant Bryke Racing permission to publish these on our website, catalog, advertising, or other such material.
  • I agree to give feedback on Bryke Racing Products and Services (both good and bad) to Bryke Racing and give suggestions on new products to carry and provide reviews on current products.
  • Discounts are good for in stock items and/or items we normally stock.
  • Discounts are not good for special order items, tires, or wheels.
  • We reserve the right to determine product eligibility on any product discounts at anytime.
This is a contract that either party may terminate at any time for any reason and is good for 2022 only.
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