Support The Ban of Brass Knuckles

Dear Arizona Senators and Representatives,

As a concerned Arizona citizen, I support a ban or restriction on brass knuckles (and similar offensive weapons made of plastic, bone or other metals) in Arizona.          

We are hoping both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats alike, can come together and ban the sale and possession of brass knuckles in the State of Arizona to make it a safer place for all.

This is NOT a 2nd Amendment issue. Unlike guns, which can be used for hunting and defending from afar, brass knuckles have no redeeming purpose other than to hurt people. They require close combat engagement that is inappropriate for self-defense measures.

Thirty-eight states have either a ban on brass knuckles or restrictions; Arizona is one of only 12 states without either. Twenty-one states, including our neighbors California, Colorado and Nevada, have already banned brass knuckles.

We are asking you to support:

1) a ban or restriction on the sale of brass knuckles

2) a ban or restriction on possessing brass knuckles

There is no redeeming value for brass knuckles – they add nothing to our communities in Arizona besides contributing to violent crime and providing disturbed teens and adults with a weapon that can kill someone. 

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