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Conference Registration

Registration includes live virtual lectures on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and in-person lectures and events at The Henry on Saturday and Sunday. The lectures will not be be recorded or available to view after the conference. You must participate at the time of the offerings to receive credit.
Pre-registration ends February 14. An additional $50 will be added to all registrations received after February 14, including all complimentary registrations.
Early Registration Fees *
Additional fee for registrations received after February 14 *
CPR Certification Course - Saturday, February 24
Have you been in practice for 5 years or more? *
Please register for the meals and additional events that you will attend. *
Cancellation Policy *

Michigan Political Action Society Commitment
MPMA needs your support! Are you concerned about the future of the podiatric profession and the regulations and legislation facing it? Consider making a donation to the Michigan Podiatric Action Society today! Please select your contribution amount below. This amount will not be included in today's payment for the Great Lakes Conference. You will be contacted to make your MPAS payment separately.

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