2017 Master Artisan Status Application

Next Master Session:
April 12, 2017 from 10 am - 2 pm
Application Deadline:
March 15, 2017
The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen
335 N Queen Street, Lancaster, PA, 17603

Contact Information

I'm aware that I must be a current member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen at the time of this application. *

My non-refundable application fee is: *
I'm applying for additional mediums

Rules & Regulations

Please scroll through and review the rules & regulations, and agree to them before proceeding to the rest of the application

Yes, I have read, understood and comply with the Jurying Rules and Procedures *
Jurying Rules & Procedures
Work must be current. You can submit 4-6 images on the next page for consideration.
It’s best if these images ultimately are the same 4-6 pieces you’re presenting for review.
However, it's not a requirement. The images of those members being awarded Master Artisan
are retained for the Guild’s Image Library.

You'll be asked to supply with this master status application:
A brief description of your craft background, including relevant education, workshops,
exhibits and professional recognition. Also provide a description of your style of work.
Describe the type of studio situation in which your work is produced (hobby, individual
studio, partnership, production studio with apprentices, production studio with employees).

What to Expect Next:
Applications will be reviewed prior to the jury session. Notifications to formally accept your 
application and to assign you a time during the session will be emailed by March 22nd.

At the time you are assigned for jurying, you will be asked to arrange a display of the
4-6 items you have brought. You do not need props but you may bring some if you
wish. Good display is encrouaged. Tables are provided. Drapes are not. You will be
asked to leave for approximately 1.5 hours while the committee reviews all the work
presented in that session and vote to accept or decline. When you are invited back
to pick up your work, you will be told of the committee’s decision. If you choose,
members of the jury will offer you feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of
your work. For those whose work was declined, understandably there is
disappointment, but this critique is a valuable tool intended to lead to growth.
Remember, critique is of your work, not of you. Those who listen with an open mind
gain the most.

Decisions are final. The critique is intended as a discussion to aid future directions
in your work. Please feel free to make notes on the comments or suggestions you
receive. You benefit most if you hear this directly and can ask questions. However,
applicants who cannot be present and who are sending work via a helper or friend need
to ask that the person delivering the work will make careful notes of the jurors’
comments. Please do not be discouraged if your work is declined on your first jurying.
Often, craftsmen apply 2 or 3 times, benefiting each time from additional counsel or
advice that enables them to grow in their craft. All who apply are respected and
honored for their efforts.

“Jewelry as Adjunct” is a category of master status for craftspeople, who use 20%
or less of their booth for displaying jewelry items in the medium of their primary
master craft (i.e. pottery, fiber, glass, wood, etc.). This is considered a separate
category and must be applied for separately. Please indicate “Jewelry as Adjunct”
on the application.

A certificate and 20 jury seals will be presented to each individual awarded master
status. The way the name appears on THIS Jury Application is the way it will be
lettered on the certificate. Please print carefully.

Criteria for Judging
Master Artisan status in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen serves as a measure of excellence.
It is the mark of achievement that distinguishes work from the mainstream. It grants
recognition for a body of work that is exceptional and is awarded to work showing
excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design and a unique voice or style.

Excellence in Craftsmanship is a designation reserved for work that shows the highest
standards of technical skill. The work demonstrates a mastery of the medium, far
beyond basic and intermediate proficiency. Careful attention to detail is in evidence.

Resolved Design shows good composition. The use of tension and space are
successfully employed. Choice of materials and methods show innovation and mastery
with all elements working together. Reproduction of traditional work is acceptable. It
must be authentic, able to be documented and built to the criteria of the medium’s standards.
Resolved design shows artistic excellence.

Style or Unique Voice speaks of the true creative nature of the Designer Craftsman.
The conceptual richness evidenced in the work shows the nature, complexity and execution
that marks the work as particular to this individual maker. It is distinctive. Style sets it
apart from the work of others. It also achieves an individual identity readily recognizable as
belonging to this maker.

Taken together, excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design and unique style produce
a WOW factor that merits the prestigious distinction of master status in the Pennsylvania
Guild of Craftsmen.

Copies of another’s work, work similar to or from commercially available designs, kits or
patterns may not be used.

Works Not Eligible for Acceptance:
assemblages of found or manufactured items unless it is evident that the craftsman
significantly altered raw material. Commercially produced elements, such as strung beads,
may not comprise a major component of any work. Embellishment of found or manufactured
items such as painting or pyrography on barn wood, or purchased wooden boxes will not be
considered, though the jury may consider traditional crafts such as tole painting on tinware.
Consumables, such as soap, lotions, candles and scented oils, are not acceptable.

Pre-Registration and Fee
Registration is ongoing until two months prior. Include a check for $55 for the first medium.
If you are applying in two mediums at the SAME session, the second medium fee is $10.
(You must provide a separate application for each medium.) If you are reapplying within
12 months for a 2nd or 3rd session, the fee is $25. Couples or partners applying in the
SAME medium for SHARED work may pay $55 to apply. Fees are non-refundable.

Notification if you've received a space in the session is sent 30 days prior to a session
based on availability.
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