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The project

  Please note that the name entered in the project name box is as it will appear on any collateral and the Award.  For this reason please double check to ensure this is correct 
The project country should be reported as the country in which the project is located if the project involves physical infrastructure, whereas if the project is service based/investigatory/a study then the project country should be reported as the country where the greatest monetary value was recorded.
Please indicate the key aspects/features of the project being submitted *
Please outline the key sector of the project *
Which SDGs does the project satisfy? *
Value band of the project? *
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In your answer to the following question you may wish to consider how the project demonstrated:

  • innovation, quality, and professional excellence
  • transparency and integrity in the management and project implementation
  • sustainability and respect for the environment
  • Value or improved quality of life for the client, owner and/or community
  • Compliance with FIDIC Principles
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Project submissions should contain a minimum of 2 images and up to maximum of 5 images. These images should be of a sufficient quality to be used in printed material but must not exceed 10Mb in file size. 
Images may include photographs, infographics or other visuals that showcase the merits of the project.

If the project submission contains a letter of recommendation from the Member Association please upload it here

If the project has a promotional video please upload it here

Contact details - Member Association

Please provide details of the Member Association in your country. This allows FIDIC and the association to work together to ensure that winning projects and firms are promoted in the most effective way.

Contact details - client

Please provide details of the projects client(s), this allows FIDIC to research projects further if required

Please select the number of project clients for which you need to submit details (Up to 3 can be submitted) *

Contact details - engineering firms involved

Please select the number of engineering firms involved in the project for which you need to submit (Up to 5 can be submitted) *

Contact details - submitting company

Please provide details of the company submitting the project

Contact details - communication on the submission

Social media

As part of its awards FIDIC promotes the shortlisted entiries and winners via its social media channels, ideally this includes engaging with the social media channels of the companies that have entered the awards.
If you have such channels, please provide below the details of social media handles / webpages so that FIDIC can engage with you as part of its promotion of the excellent work and best practice the industry engages in.


Any individual submitting an Entry for FIDICs awards is responsible for the legality, originality and copyright of the work submitted in his/her name.

You are not allowed to upload and distribute any document which is confidential, defamatory, obscene, breaking personal privacy regulations, infringing copyright and intellectual property rights, violating legal rights of any party or proprietary to a brand, an individual or a company.

Any individual entering FIDICs awards cannot use false contact details or impersonate another individual to mislead the judging process.  FIDIC does not take responsibility or any liability for the project nominations and the accuracy of the material submitted.

We reserve the right to delete any offending material and remove any entry from FIDICs awards programme if we feel these terms have been breached. .

By submitting your Entry, you grant a non-exclusive permission to FIDIC as the organiser, sponsors and any members of the press / media to use your name, your image and the work submitted so that we may use it in producing and marketing the Awards. References and creditations will be used where possible. 

By submitting your entry through the online form, you hereby confirm you have the rights to distribute the content used as part of your submission. 

By submitting your enrty you are hereby confirming that the client/owner of the project has granted permission to enter the  project in the FIDIC Awards competition, and authorises the use of relevant information as outlined in these terms and conditions

I confirm and agree to FIDICs terms and conditions *