#Ohlone Walks Graphic


Put on your tennis shoes and SPF, and get ready to walk with your family at our first ever Ohlone Walk-a-thon! This PTA-driven fundraiser will attempt to bring the entire Ohlone community together (from a distance) for a fun-filled weekend of exercise and fundraising.
Families will walk their own routes throughout the weekend.


1. The Ohlone Walk-a-thon will raise money for the Ohlone Farm (as we will not be able to do a Harvest Festival this year) and for those in our community who were impacted by the local wildfires.

2. We hope this community-focused event will bring us together (virtually) during these challenging times.

Important Dates

  • September 8th - Walk-a-thon Registration opens
  • September 8th to 25th - Students/parents collect donations from friends/family
  • September 26th and 27th – #OHLONEWALKS2020
  • October 16th – Deadline to collect and submit donations

Steps to Take

  1. Register for #OHLONEWALKS2020 HERE.
    • Make sure to fill out the Ohlone PTA Waiver.  All families participating in Ohlone PTA events (including the Walk-a-thon) must complete a liability waiver. 
  1. Collect Donations from family and friends.
    • Feel free to use the following intro: "I will be walking in the Ohlone Walk-a-thon the weekend of September 26th to raise funds for the Ohlone Farm and also to support those in our community who may have been impacted by the recent California fires. Would you be willing to support me and our community via a donation?"
    • Click HERE for the donation link (shareable with friends/family). The PTA prefers that donations be submitted via PayPal. Families can collect donations personally and submit the bundled donations (preferred) or the individuals who make pledges can also donate directly to the PTA. 
    • Feel free to use this sample donation tracker HERE
  1. Walk!

Fun Ideas for your Walk-a-thon

  • Make it a scavenger hunt! HERE are some scavenger hunt ideas to bake into the Walk-a-thon. Or make your own using coach Bobby’s TEMPLATE.
  • Parents set your timers! Students are encouraged to walk for 30 minutes each day on the weekend of September 26-27th.
  • Walk around town! Walk with a parent or the whole family (while maintaining social distancing). 
  • Take to social media! Join in on the community fun by posting pictures of yourself or your friends/family on Facebook and feel free to use the hashtag: #OhloneWalks2020
  • PRINT a Walk Bib: Show your Walk-a-thon pride by customizing a race bib with your name on it to wear during your walk (these make for great additions to the selfies you will take during your walks!)
  • Create the perfect Walk-a-thon playlist. Suggestions include:
    • The Proclaimers: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
    • The Bangles: Walk Like an Egyptian
    • Marc Cohn: Walking in Memphis
    • Katrina and the Waves: Walking on Sunshine
    • New Kids on the Block: Step by Step

Thank You!

Thank you in advance for your support and active participation! We are lucky to be part of this Ohlone community. Together, we will make Ohlone's first ever Walk-a-thon truly special and hope to remember this for years to come.