The New York Section AWWA invites you to submit your abstract for the New York's Water Event and/or the Edwin C. Tifft Jr. Water Supply Symposium. We encourage abstracts for presentations that relate to water-related public health advances, water treatment, quality, sustainability, young professionals, and management issues. 

*Note – It is under the discretion of the NYSAWWA Program Committee to determine which event your abstract will best be used. We encourage you to still submit your abstracts for future event considerations. 


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Acceptance and Release *
You will be registered at no cost for the day you are speaking. If you would like to register for the full conference (to attend other days), you will need to register and pay the appropriate fee. Visit or reply to your confirmation email to get a form. Any additional co-authors who will be assisting you with the presentation must register and pay using the standard form.