United Rhythms Dance Studio Dancewear 2023-24


Dancers must have correct attire and footwear to attend classs. 

To purchase dancewear / shoes/ acessories we suggest:Dancingly Yours- Plainville, Route 10 (near Southington)   *The Dancers Boutique  East Haven   *The Dancer Shop - Hamden


2-3 Yr. Old (Parent & Child Class)   Pink Dance dress with attached skirt.  Pink dance tights.  Black slip on jazz shoes.


BALLET   All ballet students must have hair pulled back

3-4 Yr. Olds Princess Ballet           Hair is to be pulled back on high ponytail

Pink dance dress with attached skirt , pink tights, pink ballet slippers



5-6 Yr. Olds Ballet      Hair is to be pulled back in high ponytail or bun

Lavender dance dress with attached skirt.  Pink tights, pink ballet slippers



7-9 Yr. olds Ballet       Hair is to be pulled in high ponytail or bun

Black leotard with elastic black skirt or black dance shorts, pink tights, pink split sole ballet slippers 



Monday Ballet 5:00  Hair is to be pulled back in high ponytail or bun

Black leotard, pink tights, black dance skirt or black  dance shorts, pink split sole ballet slippers.


Monday Ballet 6:00  Hair is to be pulled in high ponytail or bun

Any solid color leotard of choice, black leggings or pink tights.  Pink split sole ballet slippers.

Saturday 11:00 Ballet

Black leotard, pink tights with black skirt. Pink split sole ballet slippers.


3-4 Yr. Olds & 5-6 Yr. Olds


Leotard and leggings of any choice. 

Shoes:         Black slip on jazz shoes and black velcro tap shoes



Preferably Leotard  /form fitted dance atire of any color and leggings

Saturday 9:30  - Black leotard with leggings, tan slip on jazz shoes

Saturday 10 Class- leggings and form fitted dance top/solid leotard with black slip on jazz shoes

Hip Hop Classes

Comfortable workout clothing and sneakers. No Regular Dance Clothes- no jeans.  

Latin Classes

Black slip on jazz shoes.  Leggings 






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