CEO, Andrés Moreno at Open English Center in Bogotá, Colombia
CEO and co-founder, Andrés Moreno
Open English is offering a new learning experience to students in Bogotá, Colombia at Open English Centers - bringing our online instruction into in-person learning centers!  Take a look at what this experience is like for our online Open English Center teachers, and for students.  
Live instruction at an OE Center from a remote Academic Specialist
Students may take group or private classes with remote teachers while at Open English Centers, and they can also interact with other professionals who are learning English.
OE Centers design and layout
Let's get started! 
If you are intrigued and excited to join our team, please proceed with completing this application. We are actively seeking talented and enthusiastic EFL professionals to provide top-quality classes to our growing student population. Positions on the Open English Centers team are limited at this time, so your application may also be considered for other teaching positions on our online teaching team.