We know you have choices when selecting a competitive program for your child, and we are thankful you chose Zero Gravity Athletics (ZGA) this season. We have an extraordinary year planned for our athletes and are over-the-moon about meeting everyone at tryouts. Please note, competitive cheer requires a significant time and financial commitment. We ask that you keep this in mind when registering your child for team selections. We form our practice teams from the athletes who attend team selections, and want to set each team up from the beginning for success.

ZGA Team Selection Workshops:

Tryout workshops will be held weekly at Gulf Breeze (Mondays and Thursdays) and Niceville (Tuesdays and Thursdays) starting May 13-31. During the 5 hours a week, we will be working on skills to enhance the athlete's tryout. The cost is $150 and that includes the tryout fee ($35), USASF Fee ($30), and the tuition for the workshops ($85). If registered on or before April 30th this will be charged on May 1st. Registration for these workshops will continue throughout the month of May and the tutition can be prorated if started mid workshop. 
$10 off Workshops if registered and paid by April 26th!

What to expect when planning to attend ZGA Team Selections:

  • Location workshops will be offered for tumbling, jumps, and stunts leading up to team selection week. These will better prepare your athlete for the upcoming tryout.
  • Team selection month will begin June 3rd* and practice teams will be set by June 8th. We will be going LIVE with team placements followed by an email after team selections have been made to inform them of which practice to attend for their first practice.
  • Team selections will be very low stress. We will assess each athlete on their stamina, motions, dance, jumps, tumble, and maybe even stunting abilities.
  • Team selections will be done in a group setting to determine how they interact with future teammates. These group evaluations will be 30 minutes long.
  • The team selection schedule will be based off of age (as of August 31st, 2019) and current ability.*
    Experience is NOT NECESSARY to attend team selections.
  • If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to attend one of the scheduled team selection dates, please let us know so we can accommodate you.
  • A $35 tryout fee will be due prior to participating in team selections unless your athlete participated in the workshops.
  • Placements to our practice teams are not considered final until choreography teams are set, but remain fluid throughout the season based on the needs of specific teams.

Band, Contact Information, and Gym Etiquette Policy:

Band: Zero Gravity Athletics uses an app (also a website to use on your computer) called band to communicate with parents and athletes thought the season. A lot of important information goes out using Band so it is mandatory to down low and use this app. Parents can view schedule changes, competition information, and have general information sent right to their phone through this. Once teams have been set, the team specific Band link will be sent to you to register.


Contact Policy: This year we are implementing a new contact policy gym wide. Each coach will have his or her own ZGA email. If you need to speak to a coach about absences or questions about the team, you must email that coach individually. This helps to keep things organized and insure that the correct person is getting time sensitive information. If you have any financial questions, those must be emailed to the gym email at gozerogravity@gmail.com. Coaches will be instructed not to answer messages that come through their personal email, text, Facebook messenger, or any other forms of communication during nonworking hours that are not emergencies. 


Gym Etiquette Policy: The gym is a second home for our athletes. Some of them spend more time at the gym than they do at home. This should be a safe space for them to grow and develop as athletes and as individuals without worry of judgment from parents and peers. For this reason, we are implementing a strict policy for negative talk in the gym. First offence- If a parent is caught speaking about another parent, athlete, or coach, then we will have a face to face meeting with the parent. Second offence- The offending parent will be removed from the gym. Third offence-The child will be removed from the team. 


Financial Information:

ZGA Monthly Dues run June 2018-April 2019. Dues vary based on team placement and potential discounts. Discounts can only be applied to monthly tuition. Tuition covers your weekly practices and team tumbling class. Remaining dues are fees paid out to companies (outside of ZGA) to cover the cost of: practice and competition uniforms, warm up, bow, choreography camp, and competition expenses.

Monthy Payments

(Inculded in this is all the tuition and competition fees for the season)


All Star Elite Teams: June - April $255

Preteams: June - April $75

Apparel Package

Each athlete must have the full apparel package in order to compete.

$200 (Practice Wear & Shoes)

July 15th

$125 (Jacket)

August 15th

$175 (Half of Uniform)

September 15th

$175 (Remainder of uniform)

October 15th

$175 *WORLDS ONLY* (2nd Uniform Rental) 

November 15th


*DISCOUNTS CAN NOT BE COMBINED, with the exception of siblings/boys!*

Full Out Discount- $250 (Full season paid for in June.) 

School Cheer Discount- $250 (If currently cheering for a school.) 

Sibling Discount- $500 (Applied to 2nd ZGA athlete.)

Multiple/Boy Discount- 3rd Child and ALL boys recieve free tuition

Please review this information closely so you are fully aware of what your expenses will be this season. We will have minimal ‘away’ competitions, but please keep in mind that the above fees do not include travel expenses. Although very rewarding, we understand that competitive cheer is a pricy sport. We will do our best to provide fundraisers and three partial sponsorship opportunities to help alleviate some of the financial burden.
At any point in the season, whether you leave on your own or are asked to leave the program, there will be no refunds given. 

2019 - 2020 ZGA Tentative Event Calendar:

Tentative competition schedule will be released in July.

Tryout Form:

Which Location *
Are you a current ZGA athlete? *
Are you interested in being a crossover to another team (additional fee)? *
Cheered before? *


Annual Registration fee of $65/single $85/family is due each June. From July-December 31st, this fee is due in full. The fee will be reduced to $32.50/single $42.50/family if joining on or after January 1st. This fee is due in advance to register for class. The full fee will be due for everyone again each June. There are no refunds for unattended classes or registration fee. 

Class Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Zero Gravity Athletics offers classes on a year-round schedule, and tuition is based on a four week class-period each month. Tuition remains constant each month even though some months may have 5 class-periods and other months may have 3 class-periods. Makeup classes are available, therefore, no matter how many classes your child attends in the monthly class-period, tuition is due in full.

MONTHLY ZGA DUES ZGA monthly dues are due on the 1st of each month. All fees are considered non refundable. Should an athlete leave the program, they will be responsible for all fees that were paid for by Zero Gravity Athletics that remain outstanding at the time of departure.

Holiday closures are also calculated into monthly tuition. Please refer to our ZGA event calendar for specific gym closures. 

Only 1 makeup per month. Makeups must be in level and age appropriate classes. Makeups only available in classes that have openings.

When entering your credit card below, you are not charged at the time of registration. The information is kept on file and if your tuition is not paid prior to the 1st of the month, we will use this information to pay your tuition. If the transaction is declined, a $10 bank fee will be added to your account.

Zero Gravity Athletics will charge a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.
I voluntarily enter into this agreement with ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC, intending for myself, my children, my parents, my spouse, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate to be bound by this agreement. In consideration for the services provided by ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC, their agents, owners, officers, volunteers, participants, employees, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf, I hereby voluntarily agree to release and discharge ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC on behalf of myself, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate and assume all risks involved in the participation by the participants named above in activities provided by ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC.

1. Participants acknowledge that tumbling/cheerleading entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or other injury to participants or damage to property, or injury to third parties. Participants understand that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity.

2. The risks include, among other things: collisions with equipment, personnel and other participants; supervised and unsupervised falls on and around equipment; falls from stunts and/or pyramids, improper landings when dismounting equipment; equipment malfunction or failure; any and all of which may result in minor strains and sprains, broken bones, catastrophic injury, paralysis and even death; as well as, other injuries, damages, and losses associated with participation in the aforementioned activity.

3. ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC employees have a difficult job to perform. They will stress safety at all times, but they are not infallible. They might be unaware of a participant's fitness or abilities. In this regard it is the participant's responsibility to inform ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC if the participant feels they are unable to safely attempt an activity or portion of any activity. Without this information ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC employees may give inadequate warnings or instruction. We perform routine equipment maintenance, however equipment malfunction may still occur.

4. Participants expressly agree and promise to accept and assume all risks existing in this activity. Our involvement in this activity is purely voluntary, and we elect to participate in spite of the risks involved. Additionally, we acknowledge an understanding of and agree to follow all rules and regulation established by ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC.

5. Participants hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action, which are in any way connected with our participation in this activity or our use of ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC equipment or facilities, including and such claims or actions which may allege negligent acts or omissions of ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC, their agents, owners, officers, volunteers, participants, employees, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf. We hereby give our consent to ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC to provide customary athletic training attentions, transportation, and emergency medical services reasonably warranted in the course of our participation.

6. In the event I file a lawsuit against ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC, I agree to do so solely in the state of Florida, and I further agree that the substantive law of that state shall apply in that action without regard to the conflict of law rules of that state.

7. Should ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC or anyone acting on their behalf be required to incur attorney's fees and costs to enforce this agreement, we agree to indemnify and hold ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC harmless for all such fees and costs.

8. We certify that we have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage we may cause or suffer while located on ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC property, or else we agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage ourselves. We further certify that we have no medical or physical condition that could interfere with our safety in this activity, or else we are willing to assume all risks and bear all costs of any resulting injury or damage directly or indirectly related to any such condition.

9. By signing this document, we acknowledge that if anyone is hurt or property is damaged during our participation in this activity, or while observing similar activities, we may be found by a court of law to have waived our right to maintain a lawsuit against ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC on the basis of any claim from which we have assumed the risk and/or released ZERO GRAVITY ATHLETICS, LLC from as described in this agreement.
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