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DOT-Mandated CDL Driver Drug and Alcohol Policy Wizard

Please complete the short form below. After we have received all of your information, we will build a fully-compliant drug and alcohol policy specifically for your company's CDL drivers. Once completed, a draft will be emailed to you and one of our technicians will be in contact to discuss any other modifications needed before finalizing the policy.

Part A - Company Information

Part B - Company Preferences
Do you want your drivers to inform you of any and all LEGAL prescription medications they are taking regardless of any impact it might have on their ability to drive? *
The required time a driver must stop using alcohol before driving is four (4) hours, however, you can choose to make it eight (8) hours to help ensure no alcohol is in the blood. Please choose one: *
All drivers are required to notify their supervisor within five (5) days of any criminal drug statute conviction, however, you can choose to make your drivers notify you immediately. Please choose one: *
Do you want a Certain Termination (Zero Tolerance) or a Possible Termination Policy? It is at your discretion to choose. If you choose "Certain Termination", you MUST terminate ALL drivers for ANY controlled substance violation. But if you choose "Possible Termination," it is up to the Designated Employer Representative to choose if the driver will be fired or given a second chance. The Possible Termination allows some flexibility in the rare case that there may be extenuating circumstances. In either case, the driver should be referred to a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). *
Will you require a non-DOT post-accident Drug and Alcohol test even for Non-DOT circumstances? *

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please state the exact conditions under which you will require a drug and alcohol test after an accident under non-DOT circumstances.


Part C - Designated Employee Representative
(Who will manage the policy and answer drivers' questions?)

Payment Information
NOTE: The amount billed will be $199. *