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Welcome the Registration Page. Please be aware that if you have been given the task to register someone else with your credit card, you will have to fill out the person’s general information in the next section. To conclude the payment of the registration you will have to place the information and billing address of the cardholder paying for the registration, otherwise the registration will not go through. Before you start make sure you have the correct billing address.

During this registration, you will accomplish accommodations and participation payments.
Please take into consideration that one registration equals to one room reservation from 1 to 4 people.
For your room reservation, the hotel requires your credit card information, as they will charge one night to your credit card, 30 days prior to your arrival. Once you complete your hotel need requirements, you will have the choice to select your registration fee. When you are done with all the registration form, you will be taken to the payment section (STRIPE) to pay for your registration and/or sponsorship.
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