Waxhaw Kid Coders

12 Week Home School Introduction to Coding With Scratch 3.0, Micro:Bit, LEGO WEDO 2.0 and Codey Rocky For Ages 7 - 9!

Waxhaw Kid Coders
216 West North Main Street #130
Waxhaw, NC  28173
(704) 243-8801
216 West North Main Street #130
Waxhaw, NC  28173

Day/Time: Thursdays 10am - 11:30am


Session I:
September 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th

Session II:
October 10th, 17th, 24th, and November 7th

Session III:
November 14th, 21st, December 5th, and December 12th


Please note any of the class dates have to be canceled, make-up dates will be announced

Cost: $230.00 per student for ALL 12 WEEKS, SESSION I, II, and III OR Three (3) $80 payments for each of the three 4-week sessions.  The first payment is due upon completion of this registration.


SAVE $10 - Paying for all 12 weeks in advance is $230 if both sessions (full semester) are paid in full upon completing this registration.
Additional 5% sibling discount for two or more children
If for any reason your child does not enjoy the first workshop we will issue a FULL REFUND.

12 Week Home School Introduction to Coding With Scratch 3.0, Micro:bit, LEGO WeDo 2.0 and Codey Rocky for Ages 7 - 9!

Prerequisites: Basic computer keyboard and mouse skills.

Get ready for 12 engaging classes of fun hands-on learning with the latest educational technology:

Session I - Weeks 1 through 4 Kids get introduced to coding through creating amazing games and animations with MIT's ALL NEW Scratch 3.0.  We will also introduce the amazing little micro:bit extension to Scratch and will learn how to use it with our Scratch creations!

Session II - Weeks 5 through 8 : We will introduce the kids to robotics with fun projects, challenges, and competitions with our Codey Rocky robots. Students will work in teams of 2 to explore how to code motors and sensors and learn about artificial intelligence through this amazing little robot! 

Session III - Weeks 9 through 12We will build all new LEGO creations including machines, mechanical animals, cars and more using LEGO WEDO 2.0 and will be programming our creations using Scratch 3.0!  We will also wrap up the 12 weeks with some surprises too!


Course Instructor: Ken Adelglass
Owner of Waxhaw Kid Coders

About Ken:
Ken has over 20 years of IT experience as a Software and Web Developer and over 5 years of teaching coding and robotics to children of all ages. 
Email: ken@waxhawkidcoders.com 

Website: http://waxhawkidcoders.com


Household / Adult Primary Contact

Relationship to Participants: *
We will provide computers for each student for every class but you are welcome to opt to bring your own. We will email you with software requirements if you opt to bring your own. Mac or Windows computers are both acceptable.
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