NC Counts invites organizations committed to ensuring a fair and accurate Census to apply for grants in the range of $7,000-$20,000 for individual organizations. Collaborative proposals for larger amounts will be considered. Funds will support plans in NC communities at risk of being undercounted, also known as hard-to-count (HTC) communities. In July-August 2020, up to $200,000 will be disbursed. 
Forms submitted by 6pm on Friday will be reviewed the follwing week. 

Priority will be given to under-resourced organizations (budgets under $500,000). Note: Organizations should report a relevant budget size by including only their civic engagement budget, calculating an average over four years, and/or the size of their budget in municipal election years to account for electoral influx.

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Applicable geographic areas and/or hard-to-count populations where you will focus your efforts.
Counties *
Historically Undercounted Populations *

What is your organization’s connection and prior organizing experience with the focus community/ies?
Which Get Out the Count or Census education efforts do you have existing relationships in? *

For direct contact methods, complete the chart below:
 Cost Per Unit $ (message/contact/etc)Goal #Total $
Live Calls (live calls to strong numbers, ~$0.62)
Door Canvassing (canvass to walkable doors, ~$2.50)
SMS/Text (ThruText/Relay, ~$0.06)
Relational Organizing (~$4.00)
Event-based contacts (event cost/contacts)
Site-based contacts (help centers, etc)
Budget – Please provide a GOTC program budget which includes your organization’s current income to support GOTC work, the amount of funds your organization will need to execute your plan and how will you allocate those funds. A suggested budget template is included below.
Income Template
 Income Source (example: NC Counts Coalition RFP)Amount $Committed, Pending, or Still Need to Raise?
Total Income
Expense Template
 Expense (example: travel, graphic design, supplies, etc)Amount $Brief Narrative Explanation of Expense
Total Income

All agreement items listed below are required to receive funding:
- All agreement items listed below are required to receive funding:
- Report on progress to goals to NC Counts regularly (reporting mechanism to be determined in partnership based on tactics)
- Share your Census work broadly and including the Coalition hashtag on social media outreach
- Engage and coordinate with the NC Census Task Force
- Attend NC Counts Coalition statewide webinars and Task Force meetings
- Agree to share best practices and lessons learned with the Coalition and Blueprint NC
- Participate in a Coalition / Task Force debrief and a one-on-one debrief of your program.
- Providing a final grant narrative and financial report
- Report on outreach outcomes of the funded work by October 31, 2020
- Conduct only 501(c)3 appropriate activities with this funding
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