NC Counts Coalition Adopt-A-Tract Request for Proposals

There are less than 30 days remaining in the 2020 Census operation. North Carolina’s current 2020 Census self-response rate is below the national rate and below where our state was in 2010. Join the final push to make NC count by adopting a low-responding census tract through NC Counts Coalition’s Adopt-A-Tract program. NC Counts Coalition invites organizations to adopt-a-tract to increase self-response rates among historically undercounted populations to ensure a fair and accurate Census. This program is a part of NC Counts Coalition’s Get-Out-The-Count campaign. Grant amounts will be between $1,000 - $2,000. Collaborative proposals for up to $3,500 will be considered. Funds will support direct contact tactics in NC communities at risk of being undercounted, also known as hard-to-count (HTC) communities. Up to $50,000 in grant funds will be disbursed through this program. 
Make sure to review the RFP before preparing your proposal:
You must submit an application for each tract your organization wishes to adopt. 

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Which Get Out the Count or Census education efforts do you have existing relationships in? *
NC Counts Coalition is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion is reflected in our policies. In our work, we support partners who share this commitment. It is also that organizational and/or project leadership is reflective of the community the proposal is focused on. Complete the chart below detailing the racial and ethnic diversity of your organization. *
 Executive Director (#)Staff (#)Board of Directors (#)People Served (%)
African-American / Black
American Indian or Alaska Native
Hispanic / Latinx
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
Applicable geographic areas and/or hard-to-count populations where you will focus your efforts.
In which county will you adopt a Census tract? *
Which historically undercounted population will you target? *
Outreach Tactics
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For phone banks/calls, text campaigns and relational organizing, complete the chart below:
 Goal # (Number of people/households you will touch)Total $ (Cost per unit x goal = Total)
Live Calls (Cost per unit = $0.62)
Door Canvassing / literature drops (Cost per unit = $2.50)
SMS/Text (Cost per unit = $0.06)
Relational Organizing (Cost per unit =$4.00)
Phone Banking / Phone Calls: If your organization is proposing phone calls / a phone bank, does your organization have experience with phone banking?
Where will you pull numbers from?
SMS / Texts: If your organization is proposing SMS / texts, does your organization have experience with peer-to-peer texting?
Where will you pull numbers from?

For Events
 Name and/or brief description of eventGoal (number of people your organization will engage at the event)Cost of Event
Event Name (Name and/or Brief Description of Event)
Event Name (Name and/or Brief Description of Event)
Event Name (Name and/or Brief Description of Event)
Event Name (Name and/or Brief Description of Event)
Event Name (Name and/or Brief Description of Event)
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Budget – Please provide a project budget which includes your organization’s current income to support 2020 Census outreach work, the amount of funds your organization will need to execute your plan and how will you allocate those funds. A suggested budget template can be found here:

All agreement items listed below are required to receive funding:
  1. Follow the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and local health department guidelines and recommendations with regard to social distancing practices and other safety and health recommendations in order to reduce the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Grantee’s work under this Agreement must comply with local government laws, ordinances, regulations, guidelines and recommendations set forth in response to COVID-19. State guidance on North Carolina’s COVID-19 response can be found here:
  2. Comply with all federal regulations and Census Bureau guidelines for outreach to ensure the privacy of Census data and minimize confusion of their Census outreach efforts with any official U.S. Census Bureau communication, questionnaire, or reminder. US Census Bureau guideline can be found here.
  3. Report on progress to goals to NC Counts Coalition and Blueprint regularly. You can find the form for regular updates here. 
  4. Share Organization’s Census work broadly and including the official NC Counts Coalition hashtag (#iCountNC and #TodosContamosNC, MyBlackCountsNC) on social media, where applicable
  5. Use NC Counts’ campaign logo on printed and digital literature and collateral when Organization produces printed and digital literature and collateral that includes the logo of any organization other than the Organization’s or the US Census Bureau. Additionally, Organization will comply with the US Census Bureau logo and branding guidelines when and if using the Bureau’s logo. The guidelines can be found here.
  6. Coordinate in good faith with the NC Census Task Force and partners.
  7. Share best practices and lessons learned with NC Counts Coalition and Blueprint NC.
  8. Provide a narrative report (up to 2 pages) and final report of outreach outcomes outlined in your proposal by November 9. 2020.
  9. Conduct only 501(c)3 appropriate activities with this funding - This funding may not be used for voter registration drives

Grant funds provided must be used to achieve the goals set out in this proposal and expended in the manner and for the purposes detailed in this proposal. Any material change in the work to be done under this grant, or the expenditure of the grant funds must be submitted to NC Counts Coalition for approval. Requests for changes may be made by email to Stacey Carless, Executive Director. All work done and expenditures made in connection with this sub-grant must be in accordance with the terms of the Adopt-A-Tract program.

The applying orgnization must be a public charity exempt from tax under IRS section 501(c)(3) (or apply with a fiscal sponsor that is a public charity exempt from tax under IRS section 501(c)(3)) and agrees that it will use any resources acquired through NC Counts Coalition exclusively in the United States for charitable, educational, and other activities in furtherance of its exempt purposes. Specifically, applying organization agrees that funds received from NC Counts Coalition will not be used for any activity that would constitute intervention in an election in support of or opposition to any political party or candidate for public office. Funds received from NC Counts Coalition shall not be used to carry on, directly or indirectly, a voter registration drive.

Reversion of Grant Funds:  Any funds not expended or committed for the approved proposal, or within the period stated earlier, must be returned to NC Counts Coalition. NC Counts Coalition will notify the organization if it determines, after careful consideration of the information available to it, that the grant is not used for the purposes specified or is not reasonably in the interest of the general public.

Signature of Applying Organization: This proposal, including all attachments, if approved and selected for funding, shall be read and interpreted as an Agreement between the applying organization and NC Counts Coalition.  *
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