Custom Sheaves - A few questions and you get a price for your design! Really easy!

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Just a note - For sheaves 5" in diameter or less, there are many suppliers (i.e. that may have a stock item that suitably meets your needs and is more cost effective. But if your needs are unavailable, then we can make custom sheaves are precisely made to your exact dimensions.

Groove Pressure
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A few easy questions about the Groove and Special Features * 

Web Feature 
Do you require 4-6 weight reduction holes bored in the side of the web? $60
For aluminum sheaves only, do you need a ceramic hard coating in the groove? - Pricing depends on sheave size. Press calculate to see the cost for this option.

Almost there! On the next page, we display single unit pricing and have discounts for larger volume purchases.  After viewing, you can come back to change the parameters of your design.  
If your NYLON sheave has a weight load requirement, we will also confirm the sheave design is suitable for the load!
Precision sheaves for production