Pack 337 2019-2020

BSA Pack 337
Chartered by Pass the Torch, Inc.
2401 Post Road
Melbourne, FL 32935

Cub Information

List Scout information for all Scouts in your family

Cub #2 Information

Cub #3 Information

Adult Information

Please include information for ALL adults who will be in charge of the Scout at any Pack events.  This would include Mother, Father, Grandparents, etc.     Please list primary first.  
NOTE: All Emails will be added to the Pack and Den email lists.  Mobile numbers will be added to a texting group for last minute change notifications.

Physical Address

Additional Contact Information

ADDITIONAL EMAILS (not listed in parent contacts above) for email lists
Please enter any mobile phone numbers for which you would like to receive Texts from the Pack.   Texts would be infrequent and would be for last minute changes, as well as for occasional event reminders
Enter Mobile Text Numbers
AUTO DIALER PHONE NUMBERS (landline or mobile)
Please enter any landline or mobile phone numbers for which you would like to receive voice messages from the Pack.  This will be used only a few times per year including a special Christmas Eve message to Scouts and Families, as well as last minute change announcements (infrequent).
Enter Auto Dialer Phone Numbers (landline or mobile)

Additional Shirt Orders

One Cub Shirt is included with registration (Size Specified above). Use this section to order additional shirts for Cubs or any family members.

Boys Life Magazine

Would you like to order the Boys Life Magazine at $2/issue for 12 months? *

Pack Dues

Pack dues are $120 (which comes to only $10 per month average!)  They may be paid in full at any time, but deadlines are:
First Half - Sept 24th Pack Meeting
Second Half - Oct 29th Pack Meeting
You may pay using Paypal (credit/debit/bank) when through THIS registration form, or you can turn in cash or check at a meeting.  Use the drop down below to indicate which.
Scout Dues Payments *


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