US DSA 2017 Growth & Outlook Survey Form
(reporting data from 2016)

About this Survey
This year's U.S. Growth & Outlook Survey is shorter than last year's and has been streamlined to achieve the following objectives.
  1. Quantify the size of the direct selling industry
  2. Quantify independent salesforce overall head count
  3. Research the socio-economic impact of direct selling
  4. Segment the people involved in direct selling
  5. Announce results at DSA’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL (June 4-6)

The Direct Selling Association’s annual Growth & Outlook Survey is the major tracking study for the U.S.  As a benefit of your participation you will receive the 2017 Growth & Outlook Report (Calendar year 2016 data) enabling you to benchmark against your peer groups and the industry and help you plan for your company’s future.

Your response will help us provide credible, current information on the state of the Direct Selling industry to regulators/legislators, media, and other audiences that affect the industry’s future. The aggregated data will also be included in the World Federation of Direct Selling Association’s annual statistical survey to provide a global picture of the direct selling industry.
A Guide to Completing the Survey
  • The requested information refers to calendar year 2016 (January-December).
  • To ensure consistency of definitions, please refer to the Glossary of Terms.
  • All responses to this survey are due by Friday, March 10, 2017, latest.
  • You can find a PDF version of the form online, which you can use to review all of the questions before answering online.  Or you can submit the completed PDF electronically. Instructions for doing so are on the PDF.
  • If you submitted data last year, please review and provide an explanation on any great variance or changes in your response from what was provided regarding 2015 and 2016.
  • If you have questions, please contact DSA's research partner - Paul Bourquin at Nathan Associates, by phone: 703-516-7776 or by email:


All individual company data will be treated confidentially, as specified in a confidentiality agreement between USDSA and Nathan Associates. Survey findings are reported only in the aggregate, with no identification of companies participating in the survey.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Ben Gamse, DSA's Market Research Manager, at (202) 416-6443 or to discuss and work through your company needs on confidentiality.

Nathan Associates Inc. is an economic consulting firm with headquarters in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Founded in 1946, the company provides services in the areas of advocacy, business consulting, infrastructure, and international development. Visit for details.

Your Data

We realize that your company's 2016 figures may not be completed yet. For the Growth & Outlook survey we can work with your preliminary figures. Please provide good-faith estimates.

If your company cannot respond to all questions, please respond to as many as possible and submit. Best estimates are significantly better than no answer at all. Please note that questions with an asterisk are required.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, indicate whether you would like Nathan Associates to confidentially send your completed survey to you for your records.  Also as an additional service, Nathan Associates can deliver custom cross-tabs with your company’s info included for easy comparisons to peer groups/industry averages.
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Section A - Your Company's U.S. Sales

1. What were your company’s net sales of consumer products and services in the UNITED STATES that were generated via direct selling for the following calendar years? [Definition: Net Sales = The amount of sales generated by a company after the deduction of returns, allowances for damaged or missing goods and any discounts allowed.] 


  • Returns, allowances for damaged/missing goods, any discounts allowed
  • Retail profit or mark-up/retail commission  [Definition: The difference between Distributor Cost Price and Suggested Retail Price]
  • Sales and use taxes
2. Relative to the net sales figures you provided in answer to question 1 and thinking about the value at which your company’s independent salesforce members sold the products/services to their customers, what are the total estimated retail sales of those products and services? Definition: Estimated Retail Sales = The total aggregated amount paid by the ultimate consumers of the products and services. If your company has no standard formula for estimating retail sales, feel free to use the DSA standard formula:
Net sales divided by 0.75 = Estimated Retail Sales
[Example: $100 in Net Sales/0.75 = $133 in Estimated Retail Sales]
3. Thinking about your company/direct salesforce and what sales method best describes the primary approach to the ultimate retail customer, please provide a percentage breakdown of your company’s net sales, as provided in question 1b. 
Current Total (Total of percentages must equal 100%)
Estimates are acceptable.                                    Questions? Contact Paul Bourquin at Nathan Associates at 703-516-7776.