Code Communication Initiative
Application for Recognition

Much of the strength of the DSA Code of Ethics lies in widespread knowledge about the Code, its provisions, and how to take advantage of the Code’s protections should a violation occur. One of the most important provisions of the Code requires DSA member companies to promote the Code to their salesforce.

While promoting the Code is a requirement, it is best viewed as a benefit of membership. It’s in the best interest of every DSA member company to promote compliance with the provisions of the Code – a demonstration of your commitment to your sellers and their customers.

To encourage companies to not only promote the Code but to go above and beyond the simple requirements, the CCI will recognize companies for their efforts in this area. This program encourages companies to look for ways to promote the Code that will increase public awareness and ultimately underscore the value of upholding each of the Code’s provisions.

All DSA member companies are invited to participate in the program and will gain recognition by completing at least six (6) of the CCI criteria. 

BY April 30, 2024

Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

Instructions: Please indicate completion of at least six (6) activities and provide documentation where noted.


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