New Hire Needs Email

Please make sure that you have checked with a TIS (if you are in a school) or Chris (if you are in another location) before you complete this form.
There are a lot of things that have to be done in order for an email to get created.
Your responses here will help speed up the process of eliminating issues that in the past, have prevented emails from being created.
Thank you
email status (please skip this - this is for admin use)
Have you checked your pay in the pay roll system (August 31 or September 15) and everything was correct in it? (If not, you need to check it - you have to be in the payroll system). Then come back and continue. *
Do you have Engrade rosters in your name? (If no, please stop this applicaton. If you are a substitute - and you were not hired via a posting - you do not get email. If you were hired via a posting - talk to your secretary or administrator and make sure that you are in WVEIS - teachers and master schedule.) *
If you answered NO - please go check and come back and complete this.
What is your primary work location? *
What is your job description? *
If you are a teacher, have you gotten into Engrade and you have rosters with student lists available? *