Email Change due to Name Change

Please note - that you cannot request a new email until you have completed the paperwork required to change your name with the personnel office, the payroll office and with WVDE (if applicable).
Once you've done that - you need to wait at least 2 weeks prior to asking for a new email.
A good indication of whether your name has changed is if your paycheck comes with your new name on it.
Please do not proceed with this form - if you have not given it enough time or if your pay does not show your new name on it.  (Online pay site)  Check with Finance office if you do not know how to log into that system.
Thank you
Have you checked your pay and it is in your new name? *
If you answered NO - please go check and come back and complete this.
What is your primary work location? *
Please enter what your new name is in the next 3 boxes.