Acceptable Use Policy

I will follow the school policies and rules for using all technology.

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In the past years, we have charged a small fee to cover one accidental damage. 


No Fee for 20-21

Missing, stolen or lost chargers or missing, stolen or lost Chromebooks will not be immediately replaced.  Any intentional damage to one’s own or another student’s Chromebook will require replacement cost. Any additional damages will be billed to the family.  Damaged Chromebooks may not be repaired for a week or more and with intentional damage student may not get a loaner device.  Not having a Chromebook can and will have a direct impact on a student’s classroom performance, homework and grades.  Some price quotes for repairs include (prices may be higher with our new Chromebooks):  Base enclosure -$30, Palm rest cover-$55, Keys-$55, Bezel-$15, Chromebook replacement-$200, charger-$20.  (In some cases such as the charger – it is cheaper to buy it yourself from Amazon.)

I have read and discussed this Monongalia County Technology Acceptable Use Policy with my child.  I have stressed with my child to always take care of the Chromebook and protect it at all times.  If there are any problems my child should discuss it with his/her teacher and/or the school TIS.

I understand that Monongalia County Schools provides access to computers, networks, the Internet and other technologies as a tool to facilitate learning and enhance the educational development of all students and that there are consequences if my child does not follow these rules. 

As the parent (guardian), I have read the aforesaid concerning the use of technology in school and have discussed this with my son/daughter.  I understand that this access is for educational purposes only, and that it is the responsibility of my child to restrict his/her use to classroom projects assigned.  I have also discussed with him/her, the appropriate use of any device (including personal ones such as a cell phone) during the time at school.

Your child’s picture may appear on the school/county web page or newsletter.  Guidelines have been set so that a child is not identifiable by name.  If you do not wish for your child’s picture to appear, please notify the school in writing within five days of signing this form.

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