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Recording & model release policy: I agree the content recorded in my appointment belongs to Brandon Burton and may be used for online marketing. Video & audio recordings may be used on platforms for Brandon Burton's social media platforms. Brandon has integrity surrounding personal information and will NEVER expose any detrimental information. This is so you are aware of the true mission here; it's to normalize spirituality and with the help of your angels we can do that. Brandon loves to post the "wow"' moments of the really cool validation. He doesn't expose any deep information that may come through. Thank you for your understanding. *
Refund policy: Due to the nature of the purchase there are no refunds. Including the chance you change your mind, hit the expiration, no call/no show or for any other reason Brandon may seem fit. Refunds are not permitted. *


I don't need any personal information for the person that is attending the reading. Below is the option if you want a complimentary video of Brandon talking to the particpant by letting them know of this incredible gesture you've given them. Brandon will personally record a message using the information you provide him below. IF YOU DO NOT FILL OU THE BOTTOM PORTION BELOW YOU WILL NOT GET A VIDEO.
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