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Please look over the common questions before moving forward:
- The photography schedule is limited to members only. The membership has closed and Brandon is taking no more new clients at this time. ((if you have purchased a previous session you can use it as long as it's still valid and not past the expiration date))
- Turn Around Times are not valid in 2023. The average time is 2-3 weeks but that is no longer a guranteed. You will receive your images in a timely manner based on Brandon's schedlule and season of life. If it has been past 4 weeks and haven't heard from Brandon or his team please let us know with this form below.
- I have a code and it's valid but it's not working. If you have a code and it's not working please continue with the form.
- Where is your studio? I have moved to Olive Branch Studios. This is located at 203 E. Ayers Edmond It's also K. Talley Photography's studio
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