Business Volunteers for the Arts® Project Proposal Form

Business Volunteers for the Arts® (BVA) recruits skilled Chicagoans, trains them in nonprofit practice, and matches them with organizations needing management assistance. Consultants are thoroughly vetted, highly qualified individuals with subject-matter expertise and a demonstrated commitment to the arts.

Our projects are well-defined, time-limited, and strategic in nature. Your staff and board, if applicable, must be prepared to 1) c
ommit the time, energy, and focus needed to work with a BVA team; and 2) be able to implement the project's final deliverable(s) on their own.
BVA program costs are paid on a project-by-project basis. Participation fees are invoiced on a sliding scale based on the organizational budget (see our website for fees). Participation fees will be invoiced at the beginning of projects.
A&BC does not provide the following services:
- Executive Searches
- IT or Website Development
- Fundraising and Contributed Revenue Planning
- Legal
- Board Recruitment
Learn more on our website.
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