Max Marolt Scholarship

MaxMAX MAROLT, a member of one of Colorado's great skiing families, was a native Aspenite whose commitment to Colorado skiing spanned more than 60 years.

Racing was a natural for Max and he competed throughout his teen years. From 1954 - 1960 Max was a member of the U.S. Ski Team. He raced in the 1958 FIS championships in Austria and won a place on the 1960 Olympics team at Squaw Valley.

That same year he responded to a dare by skiing off a rocky face near the present Alyeska ski area in Alaska. That was before extreme skiing became de rigueur. The peak was later named Max's Mountain.

After the Olympics, Max turned his focus to the fledgling professional ski racing tour; then began 40 years of ski industry service by creating the west's first regional ski repair and service center in Aspen. Max's Run at Snowmass commemorates his ongoing contribution to the Aspen ski world.

Max died while skiing in Argentina in the summer of 2003. Later that year he was inducted into the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame. This scholarship is offered in memory of Max by his hometown, the City of Aspen, Colorado.

City of Aspen, Colorado
Athlete Scholarship
Annual Applications

  • Criteria:
    • Athlete must currently be competing or training in Aspen.
    • Funding may be contingent upon athlete qualifying for event or competition identified in this request.
    • Athlete's ability level will be considered in making the final decision.
    • National and International events or activities may be given priority over more regional events.
    • List Organizations to which you have volunteered time in the past year.
    • Preference is given to athletes 14 years of age and older.
    • Athlete may only receive one scholarship per calendar year.

  • Terms:
    • Maximum scholarship request is $1,000.00.
    • There will be four (4) funding cycles (January, April, July, and October).
    • In the event an athlete receives funding and does not attend the event specified, all monies must be returned immediately.

  • Application:
Please provide the following information with this application. If your information is electronic, you may attach it below or send it as an attachment via eMail to
  • Letter of recommendation from your coach.
  • Letter of recommendation from one or more other community member(s).
  • A resume of your accomplishments in your event.
Note: applicant finalists will be required to complete a City of Aspen vendor profile form and the IRS Form W-9 (Taxpayer ID Number and Certification), which will be sent to you as applicable.

I, the applicant noted herein or, in the case of an applicant under the age of 21, his/her legal guardian, hereby acknowledge my understanding of the qualifications and criteria of funding under this grant and hereby agree to abide by all stipulations herein defined. I further swear to the best of my knowledge that all information provided is accurate and truthful. *