Welcome Gunn Families to the 2019-2020 School Year!
Welcome to all Gunn families – new and returning! This year we are going GREEN. We've moved the Back-to-School Packet online. This means no more filling out forms by hand or writing individual checks; you can pay everything online now.
Going online will save over $6,000 in mailing costs, over 75,000 sheets of paper & 500 people hours!

The process will take approximately 20–40 minutes to complete.
There are 6 Steps in the Online Back-to-School Packet, please go step-by-step to ensure you don't miss anything even if you do not donate/order something on that page. Use the browser "back" button to stay within the site. If you need to go back to a specific step later, you can navigate to it by clicking the header link.
At the end of each section, you will pay for those items.
Each organization has a separate accounting system and payments need to be processed separately.
PayPal is the online payment method which allows you to pay by credit card OR your PayPal account. You will complete payment in each step before moving to the next step.
Prefer a printed Back-to-School Packet or to pay by check or cash?
Download the complete Back-to-School Packet on the Gunn Website: print the pages you need & return them to the front office. A few packets are available in the front office for those preferring paper copies. 


The Online Back-to-School Packet will guide you through these 6 steps:
      Step 1: Gunn School and Gunn PTSA Information
      Step 2: Gunn School and Gunn PTSA Items & Donations
      Step 3: Gunn Athletics and Sports Boosters
      Step 4: Gunn Foundation and Gunn Boosters
      Step 5: Student Activities Purchases
      Step 6: Partners in Education (PiE)
If you have questions on the Back-to-School site please email: backtoschool@gunnpta.org.
Click below to Begin:
Step 1: Gunn School Information