PPP Loan Forgiveness - MEDC Secure Document Upload

In order to obtain PPP Loan Forgiveness you will need to provide the following:
     1.  Completed/signed PPP Loan Foregiveness Application Form.
     2.  Documentation that proves you expended the PPP Loan funds during the "Covered Period" as defined by the SBA.  You must have expended the funds on the items you indicated in the "Purpose of the loan" section of your PPP Application. 
Refer to the instructions for the appropriate Loan Forgiveness Applicaiton Form.
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This site allows you to save your progress. It is recommended that you utilize this feature if you need additional time to complete. You cannot use the same username and password that you used for a different Formsite form. Click the "Save Progress" button and create a user login.  Please be sure to keep a record of your username and password.  When all information is complete please click the "Submit" button to submit your documents.

Step 1 - Borrower Information

Step 2 - PPP Loan Forgiveness Form

Complete the appropriate PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Form.  Refer to the SBA Loan Forgiveness page of the website or consult your accountant or banker for guidiance regarding which form is appropriate for your business.
Submit only one completed PPP Forgiveness Application Form.

Step 3 - Upload Supporting Documentation

Step 4 - Notifications

Confirm you have notified your referral source of the forgiveness application *

Step 5 - MEDC Processing

After you submit a complete PPP Forgiveness Application Form and supporting documentation your MEDC Relationship Manager will review the submission for accuracy and completeness.
Once reviewed, MEDC will submit the application to the SBA via the SBA portal.
SBA will review and approve or request additional information.  Upon approval by the SBA, MEDC will receive an Approval Letter.  Your Relationship Manager will forward a copy of the SBA Approval Letter.
Upon reciept of the payment of the loan from the SBA, MEDC will provide you with notification that the loan has been paid in full.
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