On behalf of the North San Diego County NAACP, we would like to thank you for inquiring for this year’s event. As the Juneteenth event takes on a more national and even global perspective, we like to reflect on the many positive changes that have come in the last 154 years with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Juneteenth is not only an acknowledgment of history; it is a reflection of our community today!
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 1.       No swearing, sexual references, racial slurs, negative lyrics or vulgarities of any kind.  Absolutely no references to gangs or any other activity deemed negative by Juneteenth management. 


2.       No provocative dances, attire, movements, etc.


3.       Participants must sign a release of liability form prior to participation in the Juneteenth festival. 


4.       No clothing representative of gang affiliation or representation (i.e. bandanas, sagging, etc.). 


5.       All acts must consist of a positive theme to be mentioned in a one-minute pre-performance dialogue explaining the significance of the performance.


6.       All performances must have a positive message!

Juneteenth is a family event all acts must be representative of this. Performances must be acceptable viewing for all age groups’ failure to comply will lead to the event staff’s request that you not perform or remove from the stage.


Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Juneteenth Celebration.

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