OHMC 50th Annual Summer Contest

After a great Lunge Fest at Leesville, we are all ready for the next great event which will be our Summer Contest Saturday and Sunday July 11th and 12th at Piedmont Lake.   With our colder than normal spring, water temperatures for this event in one month should be in great shape, and with Piedmont having a history of big fish, should provide some exciting results. 

The event will begin at 7 am on Saturday and concludes at 2 pm on Sunday.  All fish 30 inches or greater will count and be scored using the standard Muskies Inc. method.  Winners of 1st place and 2nd place will receive trophies at our 2021 Banquet.  All fish must be turned into the Tournament Director by 2:30 pm at the Piedmont Marina parking lot. 

Being a two-day event, we have talked with the folks at Piedmont Marina and there is tent camping available for that weekend.   Each site has a concrete pad for boat and trailer and room for two tents on the grass.   Contact the Watershed and make your reservations at




The entry fee is $20 and there will be a big fish pool entry of $5, making the entry fee + big fish pool entry $25.   Money raised will be used to fund our contribution to the Minnow Fund.   In the past 7 years, we have donated over $43,000 to the stocking efforts in Ohio.   Thank you for your support which has made this a reality.  In addition, you can purchase tickets to our Grand Prize drawing which will take place Sunday afternoon after the tournament.  Please go to our website for details on the grand prize as well as the rules for the tournament. www.ohmci.org 

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