The Big Idea at San Juan College

The Big Idea Makerspace at San Juan College Membership Information and Agreement

Welcome to The Big Idea Makerspace at SJC. By becoming a member of the Makerspace you have access to state of the art technology as well as traditional tools and machinery. The only limitations are your own creativity. You can imagine, design, create and develop projects as well as collaborate with others who share an interest in exploring innovative ideas


This Agreement is binding for the subscription term. As needed, this Agreement and related document(s), will be updated and require member review and re-signature.
Member signatures on this Agreement and related documents, indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions. For family plans, the parental or legal guardian signature indicates consent for any listed minor children.
San Juan College reserves the right to revoke membership if members do not abide by the Agreement’s and related document(s) terms or violates safety policies. Any members who cause damage are responsible for repair or replacement expenses. Members are required to complete safety and equipment operations courses prior to using equipment

Agreement and Related Documents

Membership Agreement
Membership Fee Schedule
Liability Waiver
Membership Registration
Photography & Video Release
Safety Policies and Procedures

Public Hours

Hours Subject to Change:
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday-Friday
View website for up to date hours and appointment availability:

Supplies and Materials

Members must bring their own supplies (tape, glue, paper, pencils, thread, etc.) and materials (wood, plastic, fabrics, vinyl, hardware, fasteners, paint, electronic components, etc.) All such items must be included on the “Acceptable Supplies & Materials” list if not, see the Coordinator for exception approval.
As a convenience, a small inventory of basic supplies is for sale on a first-come, first-served basis and may not always be available. Materials may be purchased from various vendors, contact us for details and instructions; however, please note that professional deliveries are prohibited, members must make arrangements for deliveries off-site
Hazardous items are prohibited.

Learning & Training

Classes and workshops will be offered. A schedule will be posted in the makerspace. These may include 2-and 3dimensional applications, make-and-take workshops showing the use of specific tools and equipment, and other trainings requested by users. Some classes will be co-sponsored with other departments such as the Continuing Learning Center or Center for Workforce Development. Classes may have a charge in addition to the membership. Training is also available for all equipment as well as workshops on projects.

Equipment Reservations

Generally, equipment is available by appointment and/or a first come-first served basis depending on current public health orders with a one-hour time limit. However, additional time may be allowed based on occupancy and need. Level 4 and 5 equipment must be reserved at least twelve (12) hours in advance of use. Call or visit our website to reserve equipment.