Kolbe Academy Graduation RSVP

Kolbe Academy used to hold a graduation in Napa every year, but has not held one in several years due to lack of interest. We'd like to resume this practice by holding both a live and virtual graduation for the class of 2018.  
Due to the transportation and lodging costs associated with holding graduation in Napa, CA, we've decided to hold our graduation in Atlanta, GA, as it is a more centralized location to our student body and a more affordable area for families to travel.
Graduation for the Senior Class of 2018 will be held on Saturday, June 9th at 2 pm at the Georgia Tech Catholic Center (GTCC).  A small reception will be held afterward. For those of you not familiar with the GTCC, it is the second largest leader for vocations out of colleges behind only Texas A & M's Catholic Center.  Currently, the GTCC has Fr. Joshua Allen as their chaplain.  He has a heart for homeschooling and was happy to open the GTCC for our event.  
A simultaneous virtual graduation will be held alongside the live graduation for students who can not make the trek to Atlanta.
The cost for the event is $100 per graduate with up to four guests.  If you are bringing more than four guests, an additional $10 per additional guest ages 10 and over will be charged to cover the reception.
If you would like to attend the graduation but do not have a graduate, the cost is $10/guest to cover the reception.  Please be sure to select "Yes, live graduation in Atlanta, GA, $10 fee for other Kolbe student."
Will your student be attending graduation on June 9, 2018? *