Kolbe Academy Course Eligibility

Please complete this course eligibility worksheet if you plan to enroll your child in any of the following courses.  After you submit this form, a course eligibility certificate will be emailed to you for upload into your registration form.
 Math  Science  Foreign Language
 Math 8/Pre-Algebra  Intro to Physics and Chem   (IPC/Physical Science)  Form Latin 2
 Algebra 1  Biology   French 2
 Honors Algebra 1  Honors Biology  Spanish 2
 Geometry  Chemistry   Spanish 3
 Honors Geometry  Honors Chemistry   Latin 2
 Algebra 2  Physics  Latin 3
 Honors Algebra 2-Trig  Honors Physics  AP Latin or Latin 4
 Precalculus  AP Physics 1  
 Honors Precalculus  AP Chemistry  
 AP Calculus AB  AP Biology  
 Calculus  Anatomy and Physiology  
 AP Statistics    
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