Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (HE) 2.0

  • Applications must be received NO LESS than ten (ten) business days before the Census Date for the study period to which the RPL, if granted, would be applicable.
  • Student is required to identify the JMC units that they want to apply for RPL.
  • Student is required to check the evidence that will be provided as part of the application.
  • Student is required to ensure that JP certified copies* of official records and transcripts are submitted with the application. These could include but are not limited to Testamurs, Record of Results, Statment of Attainments, and/or Transcripts. 
  • Student is required to make themselves familiar with Credit and Recognition for Prior Learning Policy and Procedure before submitting the application.
  • Student may be required to provide additional evidence i.e., units overviews or descriptors containing learning outcomes of the units completed.
  • For previous studies, Section A. PREVIOUS STUDY must be completed along with the evidence.
  • For work experience, Section B. WORK EXPERIENCE must be completed along with the evidence.
  • Students are required to date and sign their application.


  • JMC Academy reserves the right to contact any authority/institution/person who is not legally bound to confidentiality to verify provided information.
*JP Certification
JP certified means that the document has been verified and signed by a Justice of the Peace (JP). JPs are authorised to witness and certify various legal documents, including academic testamurs/transcripts. The JP's signature confirms that the document has been properly executed and that the signatory's identity has been verified. In this context - an RPL application at JMC Academy - certification is required for to ensure the documents validity. You can typically have an academic transcript certified by a JP. Here are some common places where you might find a JP:
- Public Libraries: Some public libraries have JPs available at certain times. You can check the library's website or call the library to find out when a JP will be available.
- Police Stations: Some police stations have JPs available at certain times. You can check the police station's website or call the station to find out when a JP will be available.
- Online Services: Some JPs offer online services where you can upload your document and have it certified remotely. You can search for JPs who offer this service on the internet.

Remember to bring your academic transcript and a form of identification (e.g., driver's license or passport) when you go to have your document certified. It's also a good idea to call ahead to make sure that a JP will be available and to confirm any specific requirements they may have.

Student/Applicant Details

Please indicate whether you are an applicant of current JMC Academy student. *
Is this application being submitted no less than 10 business days of the census date for the study period in which the RPL is being applied for? *
Applications received less than ten days before census date for the study period to which the rpl would be granted cannot be accepted.
Campus at which you are/will be studying *
Are you an International or Domestic student/applicant? *
JMC Academy course you are/will be studying *
Course Level *
State *
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