Entrupy Sneakers Financial Guarantee Application Form

Entrupy aims to help our customers make sure that the items they sell are authentic. We stand behind the authenticity of any item we authenticate (each, a “Certified Item”) and provide our customers a one-year financial guarantee for every Certified Item (the “Guarantee”). While you may use the Guarantee in connection with your customers, the Guarantee is only offered to our direct customers (i.e., organizations or individuals who purchase Entrupy services) and all claims related to the Guarantee must be made by you, and not your customers. If an individual in possession of a Certified Item contacts us with questions or concerns about such item, we will refer them to the Entrupy customer from whom they bought the item.

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Claim Information

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Guarantee Payment Amounts:

Entrupy direct customer (transaction type)

Financial Guarantee Payment
(in the event of Authenticity being not confirmed)

Outright purchase

100% of the documented purchase price paid by you for the item *

Pawn loan

100% of the documented loan value paid by you for the item *

Consignment or marketplace transaction

100% of the value of any commissions paid or due to your consignor for the item *

Donation or Authentication as a Service

Entrupy will pay you $50.00

* If the item was purchased outright, Entrupy will pay you 100% of the documented purchase price paid by you for the item.

Since the item was originally submitted for Entrupy authentication, did the item leave your possession (e.g. was it sold to a customer?) *