Message from the Humble ISD Office of Community Development:
This form is required to be completed by staff or volunteers of Humble ISD when notification that a grant award is impending or has been received on behalf of any Humble ISD campus or department with fiscal management of the grant award.  [Exception: You do not need to complete this form for Humble ISD Education Foundation IE (Innovative Education) Grants.]  Additionally, if you have not already done so, please provide the Office of Community Development with a full copy of the grant and grant budget. 
This form will automatically be submitted to Melinna Lopez, the Resource Development Coordinator once you hit submit.  If you need assistance or have questions regarding the Humble ISD grants process you can reach Melinna Lopez at or by phone at 281-641-8141.  

Application Approval Information

Was a full copy of the grant and grant budget provided to the Office of Community Development prior to grant submission? *
Did the principal, director, or other administrator provide approval prior to submission of this awarded grant? *

Grant Winner's Contact & Campus/Department Information

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Grantor (Funder's) Information

Is this award for one-time funding or multi-year? *
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My Project Information

Funds will be used for (check all that apply): *
Academic Area *
Grade Level of Impact (check all that apply): *
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Thank you!

Be sure to review the Steps to Applying for Grants in Humble ISD. These steps can be accessed on the Office of Community Development Department's website link below.

Intent to Submit a Grant