Evaluation Form

I am a: *
1. After participating in this training, I feel I am better informed about the risk factors for decay and the importance of preventive dental care. *
2. After this training, I am more confident in my ability to apply fluoride varnish. *
3. After this training, our clinic will start providing fluoride varnish applications to children under 6 who are at risk for dental caries? *
4. The format and timing of training, Q & A, and practicum were appropriate and helpful. *
5. Overall, the training was: *
6. I would like a practice kit of fluoride varnish materials sent to my clinic so that I may practice applying fluoride varnish on myself, a model or a coworker. *

Your training certificate will be emailed to you upon completing the training evaluation form.  Please complete contact information.  Thank you!